Town Development Fund


KfW Town Development Program - Phase II
  Year of Agreement: 2000 November Year of Completion: 2006 Agreed Grant Amount: Euro 7,159,330 Additional Grant: Euro. 0,152,261 from Dhading Besi Road Project   Euro. 0,393,958 from Samari Bridge Project   Euro. 0,199,264 & Rs. 12,141,884 from Phase I   Euro. 7,904,813 & Rs. 12,141,884     Total Grant:…
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World Bank
Only table as a source of data Starting Date: 1989 Completion Date: June 30, 1996 Total committed amount: Rs. 114,328,986 Total recevied amount from WB: Rs. 12,984,602 Equity from HMG: Rs. 127,313,588 Total: Rs. 140,230,651.96 Total Approved Amount: Rs. 124,194,433.93 Total Disbursed Amount: Loan to TSF at 3% Type of…
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only table as a source of data avilable Starting Date: 1988 Completion Date: July 15, 1997 Total committed amount: DM 3.4 million (Rs. 95,758,480) Counterpart fund: Rs. 26,370,000 Total recevied: Rs. 122,128,480 Tota disbursed as grant: Rs. 99,747,656 Total disbursed as soft loant: Rs. 13,456,344 Service charge for TDF against…
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KfW Town Development Program - Phase I
Only table avilable as a source of data. Year of Agreement: 1995 Year of Completion: 2000 Available grant Fund: Rs. 369,917,260 Total Disbursed Amount: Rs. 321,600,000 Service charge earned by TDF: Rs. 15,789,609 Balance carried forwarded to Phase-II Rs. 12,141,884 Euro. 199,264     Completed Projects Disbursed Amount from TDF…
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