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ESMF-OBA in Solid Waste Management -Nepali version   (Date:2012-11-02)

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This Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) document is prepared as an addendum to the existing Environmental Management Framework (EMF)[1] prepared under the Urban Governance and Development Program / Emerging Towns Project (UGDP/ETP) in order to accommodate environmental and social risks specific to the OBA intervention on municipal waste management. Given that the waste management OBA pilot project is also open to non-UGDP/ETP municipalities, the addendum is prepared in such a way that it is a standalone document that can be applied by non-UGDP/ETP municipalities.

The ESMF defines the steps, processes, and procedures for screening, assessment, monitoring and management of social and environmental issues related to the OBA project. In addition, the ESMF analyses environmental and social policies and legal regime of Nepal and safeguard policies of the World Bank as well as institutional and capacity assessment for environmental and social management. The ESMF is intended to be used as a practical tool during planning, design, implementation, and monitoring in the OBA project.

In order to identify, mitigate and manage adverse environmental and social impacts that are likely to arise from the activities of the project during implementation, ESMF is required to ensure that environmental and social issues are dealt with in a proper and efficient manner meeting all the compliance requirements of Government of Nepal (GoN) environmental regulations and policies, and the World Bank’s environmental and social safeguard policies.

The ESMF will be followed during project implementation for ensuring environmental and social integration in planning, implementation, and monitoring of project supported activities.

[1] Environmental Management Framework for Urban Governance and Development Program: Emerging Towns Project. Project Coordination Office. Department of Urban Development and Building Construction. Ministry of Physical Planning and Works Babarmahal, Nepal. July, 2011